The Department of English and North American Studies is responsible for the promotion of teaching and research activities, as well as activities of interaction with the society, within Anglo-American Studies at the University of Minho.

Since its inception in 1976, the department has promoted teaching and research activities both in the field of English Language and Linguistics and in the field of English, American and Irish literatures and cultures, in areas as differentiated as sociology of language, discourse analysis, phonetics, ESP (English for Specific Purposes), translation, gender studies, postcolonial studies, performance and film studies, theater studies, travel writing, cultural and intercultural relations, interart poetics, creative writing, among others.

All this activity is reflected both on the subjects taught in different undergraduate, masters and doctorate degree courses, and in the specific research activities developed by our teaching staff, as well as in the activities and events that the department promotes each year.

Recently, the Department of English and North American Studies has come to integrate the subject area of ​​Theatre Studies, responding to the teaching and research needs arising from the creation of the degree course in Theater.

The department currently has a faculty of ten professors – among which 2 full professors, two associate and six assistant professors – and several other lecturers. On the whole, we have 11 lecturers and professors holding a PhD.; the majority of the remaining staff holds an MA. and are on the process of doing their PhDs.

Providing collaboration in a wide range of degree courses (BA., Masters and Doctorate), be it within the Institute of Arts and Humanities or in other schools of the University of Minho, in particular, the School of Sciences, the School of Law, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Engineering, the Institute of Social Sciences and the Institute of Education, the department also offers a wide range of ERASMUS+ exchange programmes, promoting the circulation of our students through several EU and non-EU universities and receiving every year a substantial number of students from other universities.