Several members of the department collaborate with the Doctoral Program in Comparative Modernities: Literatures, Arts and Cultures, namely, Prof. Ana Gabriela de Macedo, who is the course coordinator and other lecturers who teach courses in the areas of Literature, Culture and Theatre and Performance Studies.

Under the three major scientific areas of the Institute of Arts and Human Sciences (Literary Sciences, Language Sciences and Philosophy and Cultural Sciences), DEINA also assigns doctorates in the three disciplines that make up our matrix structure:

Sciences of Literature – English Literature, North-American Literature, Irish Literature, Comparative Literature, Literary Theory

Linguistics – English Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Applied Linguistics, General Linguistics, Sociolinguistics.

Cultural Sciences – English Culture, North-American Culture, Irish Culture

Furhter information about PhD.s can be found on the website of the Institute of Arts and Humanities, on the section dedicated to postgraduate courses (doctoral studies)