Undergraduate Courses

The Department has a key role in various undergraduate degrees from the Institute of Arts and Humanities, including the following:

(Detailed information about all the courses can be foound in the University course catalogue)

BA in European Languages ​​and Literatures – teaching of Language, Linguistics, Literature and Culture in different variants, such as, English Monolingual/ English Major, minor German, Spanish and French, and also in the variant major Portuguese, English minor;

BA in Applied Languages – teaching of English Language, Specialized Translation (1 and 2) and Creative Writing in English (option);

BA in Cultural Studies – teaching of English Language and Culture as well as English and North American Culture.

BA in Theatre – Having had part of its genesis in DEINA, the department is responsible for a variety of curricular units of this course, mainly through teachers Francesca Rayner (Course Coordinator), Tiago Porteiro, Filomena Louro, as well as some professionals invited to teach the Laboratories.

The Department has also maintained close collaboration with other schools of the University of Minho, teaching, especially English for Specific Purposes, for example, Business English in the School of Economics and Management (to degree courses in Economics, International Business and Management ), Legal English in the Law School, Academic English, mainly in the School of Engineering, but also in the School of Sciences. Collaboration with other schools is also intended to teach General English (for courses in International Relations and Communication Sciences).